Daniel Nouri

Machine Learning, Analytics, Software Engineering


I'm a machine learning specialist with a focus on deep learning, a software engineer with 20 years of experience in building reliable, high-performing systems, and owner of Natural Vision UG, a consultancy based in Berlin, Germany.

Professional references

In the past, I've consulted and programmed for big clients such as Oracle and IKEA, and small.

I've worked with researchers at Oregon State University on improving software algorithms for detection and classification of marine mammals in underwater recordings.

For Jetpac, a company that used machine learning to build city guides and has since been acquired by Google, I've implemented a deep learning-based computer vision system that finds dogs and other curious things inside millions of photos from Instagram.

An app that my company Natural Vision built lets you take pictures of birds, wildflowers, and butterflies, and use image recognition to tell you which species you're looking at.

I was the technical lead for the development of the official tourist website of Vienna, which is offered in 13 languages (plus sign languages), and is one of the highest traffic websites in Austria. I've also implemented most of the eea Management Tool, which is software that helps hundreds of municipalities in Europe improve their ecological footprint.

I'm a Kaggle Master, which means that I have competed quite successfully in a number of Kaggle's predictive analytics competitions; with problems ranging from computer vision, audio recognition, to text classification.

Being a big fan of agile software development methodology, I love to pair program and like to write my tests first. I'm an expert of the Python programming language, and a Linux aficionado. I've also created a few open source projects, most notably Kotti, a complete WCMS.

Sometimes I give talks and tutorials at conferences. I've taught Python programming at the University of Coimbra and at several programming workshops in Africa.

Contact me

The best way to reach me is probably via email: daniel.nouri@gmail.com. You may also want to use my public GPG key.