SuperCollider has a rich hierarchy of Collection subclasses. Collection's class subtree is detailed below. Subclasses of a given class are indented and enclosed in (possibly nested) square brackets. Most of these subclasses have their own helpfiles. Classes labelled abstract are not for direct use, but classes lower down the tree may inherit methods from them. For this reason it is important to consult the helpfiles of classes farther up the tree in order to get a complete list of available methods.

Collection abstract superclass of all Collection subclasses

many methods are inherited from this class


  Array2D a two dimensional array


  Range ranges of values


  Interval ranges of Integers with a fixed Interval between them


  MultiLevelIdentityDictionary a tree of IdentityDictionaries


    [ Library ] a unique global MultiLevelIdentityDictionary


  Set an unordered collection of unequal objects


    Dictionary an unordered associative collection mapping 

    keys to values


      IdentityDictionary a Dictionary wherein keys match only if identical

      (rather than if simply equal)


        Environment an IdentityDictionary, one of which is always current;

        useful for creating sets of persistent variables


          [ Event ] a Dictionary mapping names of musical parameters

          to their values


        NameDictionary an IdentityDictionary for adding named objects 

        (objects with a .name method) such that 

        name -> namedObject



    IdentitySet an unordered collection of unidentical objects

    (compare to Set)


  Bag an unordered collection of objects


  Pair Lisp-like two element cells


  TwoWayIdentityDictionary an IdentityDictionary which allows easy searching by 

  both key and value; faster than IdentityDictionary on

  reverse lookup, but with more memory overhead


    [ ObjectTable ] associates Integer ids with objects


  SequenceableCollection abstract superclass of collections whose objects can be 

  indexed by integer


    Order SequenceableCollection with an indices instance 



    LinkedList a doubly linked list


    List an expandable SequenceableCollection

    (compare to ArrayedCollection and Array)


      [ SortedList ] a List whose items are kept in a sorted order


    ArrayedCollection abstract superclass of Collections of fixed maximum size

    whose elements are held in a vector of slots


      RawArray abstract superclass of array classes that hold 

      raw data values


        DoubleArray a RawArray of double precision floats


        FloatArray a RawArray of floats


            Wavetable a special format FloatArray


            Signal a FloatArray that represents a sampled function of 

            time buffer


        String an array of characters


        SymbolArray a RawArray of symbols


        Int32Array a RawArray of 32 bit Integers


        Int16Array a RawArray of 16 bit Integers


        Int8Array a RawArray of 8 bit Integers


      Array an ArrayedCollection whose slots may contain any 

      object; more efficient than List




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