Paddp event pattern that adds with existing value of one key

superclass: Psetp

Paddp(name, value, pattern)

adds a value in an event stream until it ends, repeats this with new values until

the value stream ends.

value can be a pattern, a stream or an array. the resulting stream ends when that incoming stream ends.


var a, b;

a = Paddp(\freq, Pseq([2, 3, pi],inf), Pbind(\freq, Pseq([100, 200, 300])));

x = a.asStream;{; });


sound example



{ arg out=0, freq=440, sustain=0.02;

var env;

env =, sustain), 1, doneAction:2);,, 0, env * 0.1))




a = Pbind(\freq, Pseq([500, 600, 700]), \instrument, \sinegrain);

a = Paddp(\freq, Pseq([30, 90, -100], inf), a);;


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