PV_BinScramble scramble bins

PV_BinScramble(buffer,  wipe,  width,  trig)

Randomizes the order of the bins.

The trigger will select a new random ordering.

buffer - fft buffer.

wipe - scrambles more bins as wipe moves from zero to one.

width - a value from zero to one, indicating the maximum randomized distance of a bin from its

original location in the spectrum.

trig - a trigger selects a new random ordering.

See also FFT Overview.



b = Buffer.alloc(s,2048,1);

c = Buffer.read(s,"sounds/a11wlk01.wav");



//trig with MouseY

SynthDef("help-binScramble", { arg out=0, bufnum=0, soundBufnum=2;

var in, chain;

in = PlayBuf.ar(1, soundBufnum, BufRateScale.kr(soundBufnum), loop: 1);

chain = FFT(bufnum, in);

chain = PV_BinScramble(chain, MouseX.kr , 0.1, MouseY.kr > 0.5 ); 

Out.ar(out, 0.5 * IFFT(chain).dup);

}).play(s,[\out, 0, \bufnum, b.bufnum, \soundBufnum, c.bufnum]);


b.free; c.free;

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