Out write a signal to a bus

superclass:  AbstractOut

*ar(bus, channelsArray)  - write a signal to an audio bus.

*kr(bus, channelsArray)  - write a signal to a control bus.

bus - the index of the bus to write out to. The lowest numbers are written to the audio hardware.

channelsArray - an Array of channels or single output to write out. You cannot change the size of this once a SynthDef has been built.

N.B. Out is subject to control rate jitter. Where sample accurate output is needed, use OffsetOut.

Note that using the Bus class to allocate a multichannel bus simply reserves a series of adjacent bus indices with the Server object's bus allocators. abus.index simply returns the first of those indices. When using a Bus with an In or Out ugen there is nothing to stop you from reading to or writing from a larger range, or from hardcoding to a bus that has been allocated. You are responsible for making sure that the number of channels match and that there are no conflicts.

See the Server-Architecture and Bus helpfiles for more information on buses and how they are used.


SynthDef("help-out", { arg out=0, freq=440;

var source;

source = SinOsc.ar(freq, 0, 0.1);

// write to the bus, adding to previous contents

Out.ar(out, source);



Synth("help-out", [\freq, 500]);

Synth("help-out", [\freq, 600]);

Synth("help-out", [\freq, 700]);

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