ReplaceOut send signal to a bus, overwriting previous contents

superclass: Out

*ar(bus, channelsArray)  - write a signal to an audio bus.

*kr(bus, channelsArray)  - write a signal to a control bus.

bus - the index of the bus to write out to. The lowest numbers are written to the audio hardware.

channelsArray - an Array of channels or single output to write out. You cannot change the size of this once a SynthDef has been built.

Out adds it's output to a given bus, making it available to all nodes later in the node tree. (See Synth and Order-of-execution for more information.) ReplaceOut overwrites those contents. This can make it useful for processing.

See the Server-Architecture and Bus helpfiles for more information on buses and how they are used.


SynthDef("ReplaceOutHelp", { arg out=0, freq=440;

var source;

source =, 0, 0.1);

// write to the bus, replacing previous contents, source);



// each Synth replaces the output of the previous one

x = Synth.tail(s, "ReplaceOutHelp", [\freq, 500]);

y = Synth.tail(s, "ReplaceOutHelp", [\freq, 600]);

z = Synth.tail(s, "ReplaceOutHelp", [\freq, 700]);

// release them in reverse order; the older Synths are still there.;;;

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