BiPanB2 2D Ambisonic B-format panner, inB, azimuth, gain)

Encode a two channel signal to two dimensional ambisonic B-format.

This puts two channels at opposite poles of a 2D ambisonic field.

This is one way to map a stereo sound onto a soundfield.

It is equivalent to:

PanB2(inA, azimuth, gain) + PanB2(inB, azimuth + 1, gain)

inA - input signal A

inB - input signal B

azimuth - position around the circle from -1 to +1. 

-1 is behind, -0.5 is left, 0 is forward, +0.5 is right, +1 is behind.

gain - amplitude control



var w, x, y, p, q, a, b, c, d;

p =;

q =;

// B-format encode

#w, x, y =, q,,1), 0.1); 

// B-format decode to quad

#a, b, c, d =, w, x, y);

[a, b, d, c] // reorder to my speaker arrangement: Lf Rf Lr Rr



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