Pulse band limited pulse wave

Pulse.ar(kfreq, kwidth, mul, add)

Band limited pulse wave generator with pulse width modulation.

kfreq - frequency in Hertz

kwidth - pulse width ratio from zero to one. 0.5 makes a square wave.

// modulate frequency

{ Pulse.ar(XLine.kr(40,4000,6),0.1, 0.2) }.play;

// modulate pulse width

{ Pulse.ar(200, Line.kr(0.01,0.99,8), 0.2) }.play;

// two band limited square waves thru a resonant low pass filter

{ RLPF.ar(Pulse.ar([100,250],0.5,0.1), XLine.kr(8000,400,5), 0.05) }.play;

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