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Sat, 10 Jun 2006

Record and test Plone with zope.testrecorder and zope.testbrowser

I've just updated the HOWTO for using Testbrowser and Testrecorder with Plone. The Testbrowser/Testrecorder combination is so easy; also for non-programmers. We need more structured and well-documented functional tests like this, because they make our lives easier [*]. Maybe you can help out?

[*]... and our tests slower? ;-)

And Now for Something Completely Different

While I played around with Testrecorder, I wrote a small script for text match and replace using regular expressions. This is arguably one of the most unreadable pieces of code I've written in a while. But to the rescue come the doctests, which I've used to develop this test-first.

I don't know anything about Ron Jeffries but this is how he describes it and how it felt:

When you get this right, development turns into a very pleasant
cycle of testing, seeing a simple thing to fix, fixing it, testing,
getting positive feedback all the way.

Guaranteed flow. And you go so fast! Try it, you'll like it.

Update: Martin incorporated the Testbrowser and Testrecorder HOWTO in his tutorial. I updated the link to point to that.

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