DecodeB2 2D Ambisonic B-format decoder, w, x, y, orientation)

Decode a two dimensional ambisonic B-format signal to a set of speakers in a regular polygon.

The outputs will be in clockwise order. The position of the first speaker is either center or left of center.

numChans - number of output speakers. Typically 4 to 8.

w, x, y - the B-format signals. 

orientation - Should be zero if the front is a vertex of the polygon. The first speaker will be directly in front. Should be 0.5 if the front bisects a side of the polygon. Then the first speaker will be the one left of center. Default is 0.5.



var w, x, y, p, a, b, c, d;

p =; // source

// B-format encode

#w, x, y =,,1), 0.1); 

// B-format decode to quad

#a, b, c, d =, w, x, y);

[a, b, d, c] // reorder to my speaker arrangement: Lf Rf Lr Rr



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